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Throughout the Middle ages, gargoyles were the lofty residents of the higher reaches of many Churches and Cathedrals.These creatures, it was said, kept an eye on the good people of the villages.

Originally, they were used as decorative coverings for waterspouts, to divert rainwater away from the building, but later came into use as decorations for the higher reaches of churches and cathedrals. The name seems to have originated from the myth of La Gargouille from France, the word itself meaning 'throat', or 'gargle'. The earliest original waterspouts, pouring a cascade of rain, sounded as though they were gargling, so this may have been how they were named.

Other creatures served as architectural ornaments that some believed were the souls of the condemned turned to stone to pay the price of their sins for all eternity.

The gargoyles offered here are created with those gargoyles in mind. Have a look around, and perhaps purchase a bit of history for your very own. We have a wide selection to choose from, for interior or exterior use.

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Barking Dog Gargoyle
Chained Beast Gargoyle
Clemente Bracket
Clemente Pedestal
Barking Dog (standing)
Sentinel Gargoyle

page 2
Gnawing Gargoyle
Large Spitting Bracket Gargoyle
Winged Lion Bookends
Winged Lion Pedestal

page 3
Roaring Beast
Spitting Gargoyle Bracket
Spitting Gargoyle Candlestick
Spitting Gargoyle
Horned Dwarf Gargoyle
Winged Lion Candlestick


New! Gargoyle Food!

Hey, even Gargoyles have to eat, you know! Aww...sweet.
CHerub Head
Winged Cherub


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