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Barnabus the Vampire

Peacefully resting, Barnabus hangs upside-down until nightfall. Let him hang around your home.
size: 12 x 7 x 3-1/2

  Interior ($45 plus s/h-7 lbs)
  Exterior ($50 plus s/h-10 lbs)


Handy Candlestick

Have an extra hand to help you light the way. Comes in your choice of cuff color, red, black or white.
Life sized

(black cuff)
(red cuff)
(white cuff)

$20 each plus s/h (2 lbs/each)


Human Brain

Yeah, we all know someone who could use one of these...or keep a spare for yourself.
Sized slightly larger than normal.
Interior only ($18 plus s/h-4 lbs)


Full Human Skull

Richly detailed human skull replica, complete with lower jaw.
You won't believe it's not real!
Nearly life-sized.
Interior: ($30 plus s/h-5 lbs)
Exterior: ($35 plus s/h-8 lbs)


Partial Human Skull

Another version of a human skull. Missing it's lower jaw, this fellow has been underground longer than his counterpart above.
Slightly smaller than life-sized.

Interior ($25 plus s/h-5 lbs)
Exterior ($30 plus s/h-8 lbs)

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